Practical QlikSense Business Analyst Training

A scenario based training course to become a Qlik Sense Business Analyst and Developer | taught by Awari School of Analytics : Paul Scotchford

Course description

Welcome to the Certificate course for the...

Practical QlikSense Business Analyst

This training course will provide the following skills that will empower you to become a Qlik Sense Business Analyst ...

  1. Fundamentals for developing production-quality applications in Qlik Sense
  2. Practical knowledge and understanding of creating dimensions, measures and objects
  3. Practical knowledge and experience in UI design and development
  4. Hands on script and expression coding (including Set Analysis)

Downloadable resources included are

  1. All sample data allowing the student to follow along by creating their own apps
  2. All apps created by the instructor for you to modify/verify your code work etc

Certificate awards

  1. Quizzes testing your practical knowledge and progress throughout the course
  2. Achievement based certificates up to the level of Distinction (add value to your CV and LinkedIn profile)

Lifetime Access

  1. The course never expires, students have permanent access 24/7 x 365 days per year
  2. Course content updates as QlikSense versions are released to market

Online Discussions

  1. Students can create and contribute to course lecture discussions with the instructor and the student cohort
  2. Make suggestions for course improvement and inclusion of new material

Video Quality

  1. All lectures are presented in 1080p HD quality and will scale to any device e.g. Tablets, PC desktops etc


If within 48 hours of purchase you decide this course is not for you after all (see simple terms) then a full refund is made, no questions asked.

What is there to lose ? Nothing at all !

If you want a practical hands on approach to learning QlikSense and earn an Achievement Certificate that showcases your Qlik Sense skills then this is the only course to take and it will not drain you of many thousands of dollars to develop your knowledge .

QlikSense is overtaking so many of it's peers because of it's underlying 'associative data model' technology and absolute ease of discovery for insightful decision making and story telling

The skills that you learn in this course are 100% transferable to QlikSense Enterprise and QlikSense Cloud.



Awari School of Analytics       :          Paul Scotchford
Awari School of Analytics : Paul Scotchford
Data Analyst , Qlik Dev, SQL Dev

Hello and Welcome,

My name is Paul Scotchford and I am thrilled that you are reading this.

As well as my normal consulting work in Australian business and govt I teach here at the Awari School of Analytics. 

There are 3 very distinct technology specialisations I work with and these are the QlikView, QlikSense and SQL Server for delivering Data Analytics and Visualisations.

QlikView and QlikSense

Professionally I have been delivering QlikView  solutions to business and government users for the past 5 years and QlikSense since it first released in 2014. Qlik delivers these products to the market and is an industry leader in the BI and Analytics world.

SQL Server

I have been delivering data analytics with the SQL Server (Tech Stack) for more than 14 years as this technology (in my humble opinion) is the best Relational Database and Data Warehouse (Mart) product on the market and will continue to be well into the future.


Because of my passion and experience working with these technologies in the real-world you can be assured that you will be getting first class training from my courses here on Awari School of Analytics.

I am super stoked and looking forward to sharing my ongoing experience and passion for data analytics with you. 

Looking forward to seeing you in one of my courses soon.



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The language of metrics and kpi's
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